Bringing Clean Water to the Community

In rural Africa, 19% of women spend more than one hour on each trip to fetch water, an exhausting and often dangerous chore that robs them of the chance to work and learn. Dirty water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene habits play a major role in child mortality.

In order to combat these challenges, Malaika partnered with Voss Foundation and the ‘Give a Drop’ collaboration between Project Clean Water (founded by recording artist Jewel) and Virgin United to build a well for the School. Upon completion, it served as the only clean water well in the village. Through a continuation of the partnership with Voss Foundation, we were able to build six more wells for the community.

In addition, an eighth well, funded by Vinmart Foundation, was built at the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center.

Having access to clean water in the village has helped decrease the number of cases of cholera, diarrhea and other illness. Our eight wells have a direct and beneficial impact on over 16,000 people a year!

The vast majority of water collection is done by women and children. Accessible water can often be miles away, with one in seven lacking access to water. This forces children to miss school and prevents women from working, while they spend their time walking vast distances carrying heavy buckets or jerry cans.

A cleaner, lighter and more efficient alternative is Pack H2O, created by Grief Inc. Stars Foundation generously donated 10,000 of these packs to Malaika. The water backpacks are durable, self-sanitizing, and they help to evenly distribute up to 40 lbs. of water, so that travel is easier and faster. After women and children in Haiti and Kenya tried the packs, 100% of them reported that they found them comfortable and wanted to buy them.

One pack will help a family of four in Kalebuka. This small item will change the lives of 40,000 people, making clean drinking water a basic human right, available to all.


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