Our Mission

The mission of Malaika is, first and foremost, to empower Congolese girls and their communities through education. The values below are the foundation of our School and are exemplified by our staff and students each day.

Our Values



The freedom to take initiative and act independently
All the girls are open to ask help from supportive and qualified staff members, but will not always depend on others to solve ones’ problems. Staff will encourage initiative taking on an individual and team level while putting an emphasis on self-reliance and trust.



The ability to review past mistakes
All the girls know that missteps are essential for growth. They will use this knowledge to create successes in the future.



The opportunity and encouragement to explore in a safe and creative environment
The implementation of new and inventive ways of learning and teaching. An understanding that not all students learn the same way and will be accommodated and afforded new techniques to help them succeed.



Emphasizing the idea that by working together we will go farther than by going alone
A strong focus on teamwork instead of competition. A collaboration between students and staff to ensure everyone is happy and able to learn and grow.



The promotion of different ideas being essential to an overarching worldview
A way of learning and teaching that opens the floor to structured debate and discussion. The ability to exchange ideas in an accepting environment. No one’s voice will get lost in the mix and acceptance will be promoted.



Promoting originality and empowering uniqueness
Propelling them into a future of power and passion that will be translated back into the world in a multitude of ways. Allowing for individuality is key to unlocking her power and giving her a voice that she can use for change.

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