School Construction

The Malaika School provides a beautiful, environmentally conscious and sustainable learning environment for the girls it supports. New York-based studioMDA, an internationally renowned design firm, designed the beautiful school structure. Encot et Muka, a local contractor, is building the School in phases.

The primary vision for the School is to provide a space which removes barriers to girls’ ability to access a quality education, while also creating a fertile environment for young girls to thrive and develop their leadership.

Our Campus Keeps Growing

Over the past ten years we’ve built a school that started with only four classrooms and 104 students and has grown to eleven classrooms and 346 students, a sports field, art and computer rooms, canteen, lodging for volunteers, and so much more. Our expansion is a result of our committed team and the fervent support we’ve received!

Additionally, the Malaika School has proudly added music to our students’ curriculum! Music and art are invaluable to a holistic education and we want our girls to understand the power of creative expression. Some of our students aspire to be doctors, journalists and pilots but future painters and musicians are being inspired at our school now as well!

We’ve also installed solar panels on our buildings, utilizing modern energy technology to power our school. Solar power keeps our classrooms, computers and multi-purpose spaces functioning, all the while preserving the environment – including the beautiful Congolese landscape.

Our new student health center is currently being constructed which will provide regular check-ups for our students. Lack of access to healthcare is a main deterrent to getting an education and we will be able to provide biannual check-ups and urgent care for acute health concerns once the center is complete. Built in memory of Miriam, a Grade 1 student of ours who passed during a recent Christmas break from complications from malaria, the center will maintain the well-being of our students. Poor health keeps children at home, where they aren’t learning, and Malaika’s goal of empowering the future female leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo cannot be fully realized if our students aren’t healthy and able to focus on their ticket to a bright future – a quality education.

Tina Buchan visits the Malaika School in 2017

Tina Buchan is a longtime supporter of Malaika. Her organization, the Buchan International Fund, has graciously donated towards most of the construction of our school – we could not have accomplished all that we have without their ardent support.

“I had always wanted to give back to the DRC as I have prior experience with the country and recognized that, although it faces many challenges, it is populated by such lovely people. I specifically became involved with Malaika because, upon studying the operation and operators, I was convinced it was a well-run project with a high likelihood of success.

I met the team in the early stages of the Malaika School and very quickly concluded that they were hard-working and determined individuals who were intent on completing this project and ensuring that the students’ lives were enriched and changed forever, through education. It is the goal of my foundation to support a class A project run by class A operators. After visiting Kalebuka in 2017 and seeing the projects firsthand, I am convinced that this is what I found in Malaika.”


Student Quote

Julienne Masangu, Grade 7

“Every school should have an infirmary to treat students who get sick, especially from common diseases that affect almost all children. It will help really students whose parents cannot afford to take them to the hospital.”




The Malaika School design model was created by studioMDA.  All construction is being done by a local construction company, Encot et Muka. See the final plan for the School below.



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View Photos of the Laying of the First Stone




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