Empowering Congolese Girls and Their Communities Through Education

The Malaika School in Kalebuka, DRC, opened its doors in September, 2011, to an inaugural class of 104 kindergarten and first grade girls. Each year, we add a new kindergarten class and increase enrollment. For the 2019-20 school year, Malaika is educating 346 girls.

Our private school is based on the Belgian and Congolese school systems, providing a holistic learning experience completely free of charge, including uniforms, shoes, school supplies and two healthy meals a day. Rising food prices have made it very difficult for the community to meet the daily nutrition requirements, however the Malaika School is committed to ensuring a well-balanced diet, not only to encourage an engaged student body and prevent absences due to malnutrition-related illnesses, but also because Malaika strongly believes that nutrition is a huge part of the development of the girls. Additional precautions have been taken to sustain the well-being of each of our girls by providing them with four essential vaccinations each. Our vision is to eliminate the barriers that prevent so many girls from exercising their right to a quality education, impeding their capacity to lead.

Malaika is dedicated to advancing African communities through investing in the education of girls.  Our community-centered approach, which integrates the family unit, is key to our success. We greatly value the support and contributions that the people of Kalebuka have made towards our work, such as actively participating in the School’s construction, helping to maintain the School, helping with security in and around the campus, and attending adult education courses taught by our staff. By empowering the community on a grassroots level to take part in their own development, we are creating a sustainable model for progress.

2010-10 Construction bricks

The focus on community empowerment has been the cornerstone of our project from its inception.  In the early stages of the School’s construction, for example, we relied on local builders for their expertise and collaborated with villagers on the brick-making process.



Mothers are being trained to sew school uniforms.

garden - vegetables 2

We are currently developing a school horticulture (permaculture) project focused on subsistence production.  The produce we yield will be used to make nutritious meals for students at the School. It will also serve as a learning tool for students and community members, enhancing the School’s holistic learning experience.

saturday - theatre - 1

art class - 1

As a part of the School’s curriculum, the girls have classes in music, art and theater.

sport - tennis - 4

sport - football - 1

A sports field at the School allows for the girls to engage in physical activities which contribute to a healthier lifestyle while building self-esteem, commitment and cooperation.

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