To All Our Donors Around the World

17th January 2018

As 2017 has come to a close, we can look back and see the incredible impact that so many have made. We would like to say thank to our donors, for whom we are deeply grateful as we wouldn't be…

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WISE Summit 2017 in Qatar

11th January 2018

It was an honor for Noella to particpate in the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) this past November, which focused in particular on Africa's contribution. Over 2,000 people came from 100 different countries to discuss this year's theme: "co-exist, co-create:…

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A Visit from Dr. Melanie

4th January 2018

We were honored to have Dr. Melanie volunteering with us and chatting with girls. Not only does she educate the community about disease and health, she inspires the students to achieve their dreams. It is wonderful to see a fellow…

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Myriam, Never Forgotten

28th December 2017

Two years ago, Myriam, one of our Grade 1 students, passed away from complications of malaria while on her Christmas break. She was a great student and a wonderful friend. Her life and bright smile will never be forgotten. This tragedy…

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Meet Anoiritte Monga Nsenga

22nd December 2017

Anoiritte Monga Nsenga is six-years-old and a Grade 1 student at Malaika. She is a very bright student, with an even brighter smile.  She has five older siblings. Anoiritte's favorite color is blue, so she loves the Malaika School uniform. She's…

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Happy Birthday Noella, and Happy Holidays!

19th December 2017

It's almost Noella's birthday (December 25th!), and she would love nothing more than to receive a gift for Malaika. It is her dream to see a generation of brilliant female leaders and a brighter Democratic Republic of the Congo, and…

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