From Kalebuka to New York City

24th June 2017

The DRC delegation took New York by storm. When they weren’t wowing Malaika supporters, they were experiencing everything the city that never sleeps has to offer. Jet lag had nothing on our 6 visitors as they visited the Statue of Liberty,…

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World AIDS Day

6th December 2016

On Thursday, December 01, 2016, we celebrated World AIDS Day at the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center.  The goal was to raise awareness about the disease and how to fight against its spread. The day was comprised of three activities…

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Urgent Need for Infirmary in Kalebuka, DR Congo

29th November 2016

In December 2015, Miriam, one of our students in Grade 1, passed away due to an illness. The lack of proper health facilities in Kalebuka meant that Miriam did not receive the care she needed. Malaika desperately needs your help building a…

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The Tree of Malaika

23rd November 2016

The girls have drawn this picture to reflect what Malaika means to them. The tree is a symbol of strength that offers "fruits" such as confidence, leadership, and hope. Each branch represents the volunteers that keep Malaika going. You can keep empowering…

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Introducing Moise Lumbala Nguz

18th November 2016

Malaika was honored to welcome an outstanding person to our team this year. Moise Lumbala Nguz, our new Assistant for 3rd grade, holds Malaika’s qualities in his outstanding character, charisma, and goal of empowering girls through education. These things, alongside his…

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Introducing Harmonie

11th November 2016

“Hi I’m Harmonie and I’m in fourth grade!” Harmonie is excelling as she enters her fourth year at the Malaika School. Harmonie works hard in her classes to keep her grades up. She loves participating in music classes and playing…

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