Field Trip to Qovadis Bakery

20th April 2018

Last week, the kindergarten class made a trip to the Qovadis Bakery, run by Hamze Salman. They donate bread every year to Malaika for the girls' breakfast, so this was a very special excursion. The students saw how bread and…

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Junior’s Visit to Malaika

13th April 2018

We were so pleased to have Junior Mutumene visit Malaika recently to teach soccer at the Community Center. A native to the DRC, he is a sports manager and soccer coach based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is interested…

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Elvis Nshimba of Malaika

9th April 2018

Elvis Nshimba​ has been part of the Malaika team for years and is so passionate and dedicated about working with the community. This is his story about taking the initiative to improve his skills with Philanthropy University​ #5000stronger "My name…

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Malaika featured on The Week

4th April 2018

Malaika was featured on The Week magazine under “Charity of the Week”. The article highlighted what Malaika does such as educate 280 girls in a strong leadership educational curriculum. We hope to inspire more people to do good in this world…

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Meet Jonathan Mboyo Esole

29th March 2018

Jonathan is a Congolese mathematician working on the geometry of string theory. Trained around the world (College Boboto, ULB, Cambridge University, Leiden University, Stanford University, Harvard Math and Harvard Physics), he is currently Professor of Mathematics at Northeastern University after being a…

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A visit from Josaphate of the organization Women’s Technology

6th March 2018

We had a great visit from Josaphate of the organization Women's Technology which was created by Thérèse Izay-Kirongozi, the first Congolese woman to design a traffic robot in the world. The organization has several entrepreneurial programs for women such as…

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