Noella Speaks At Women In Leadership Forum

14th November 2019

It was an honor for Noella to speak at the 10th WilForum in Dubai recently and to share the stage with this distinguished, thought-provoking panel of inspirational women, each and every one with their own story to tell. "As founder of Malaika,…

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Teaching Our Girls To Be Kind

13th November 2019

At Malaika's school we offer Congolese girls a holistic education and this includes teaching them the fundamental value of being kind to others. We want to equip our girls to be leaders in their communities and the best leaders are the…

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Paving the Future for Higher Education

11th November 2019

Through partnerships with local and international universities and institutions, Malaika is paving the way for girls’ higher education and ensuring that each student has a chance to fulfill their dreams. It is through this optic that we invited students from…

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Sport for Community Growth at KFHC

8th November 2019

Since 2013 the Kalebuka Football for Hope Center, opened in partnership with FIFA, has been hosting both traditional football and football for social impact programs. Football is a powerful sport that can unite community, foster communication, and personal empowerment. Our social…

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Day Of The Girl Child Panel Discuss Unique Issues Facing Girls Worldwide

7th November 2019

World Vision's Day Of The Girl Child, October 11, recognizes girls rights and their unique challenges around the world. Noella spoke among a panel of female leaders from different parts of the world on a panel discussing these issues and…

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RFP to Replicate Malaika’s Model Now Open

6th November 2019

In order to ensure our sustainability and have a greater impact, Malaika is seeking to codify key aspects of our approach and develop a formalized model that we can share with others. This will allow further opportunity for more widespread empowerment of…

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