The student at Malaika are excited about a lot of things. Every day they get to go see their friends, play, laugh, sing, and most importantly, learn. Their education is central to the ethos of the Malaika community and is shaping the way our students see and interpret the world around them. Malaika is growing quickly, with 275 students enrolled at the Malaika school in the DRC there is always a lot to be done. You can join our growing team and encourage your friends and family to get involved by becoming a Malaika Advocate.

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Meet Our Advocates

Florette began advocating for Malaika in September. She has engaged her friends, family, and community to raise over $150 to go straight to Malaika’s projects in the DRC. Her contributions specifically will help Malaika furnish their newly built health center. Florette commented on her experience working with Malaika, “It was a great experience fundraising for Malaika. I gained more experience in fundraising  and it also motivated me to work hard and give back to my community back home in the Congo.”

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