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In the Katanga province, a high transmission area in DRC, endemic malaria remains a common occurrence where 1 in 5 children under the age of 5 die as a result of malaria. The goal of Drop Malaria is to contribute to reducing the rates of infection experienced within the community of Kalebuka that lead to morbidity and mortality caused by malaria.

The initiative is carried out through a door to door distribution of LLIN (long lasting insecticide treated nets) and awareness-raising activities held in collaboration with Grassroots Soccer through their SKILLZ Malaria workshop training 50 coaches on early detection and prevention through sports messaging.

Grassroot Soccer (GRS) is a nonprofit adolescent health organization that leverages the power of soccer to educate, inspire, and mobilize youth in developing countries to overcome their greatest health challenges, live healthier, more productive lives, and be agents for change in their communities.

Goals Achieved 2012-2016

  • 9,000 nets distributed
  • 3,333 homes reached
  • 500 youth taught SKILLZ
  • 50 coaches trained
  • 25 Volunteer Health Workers Trained



Working alongside the One World Futbol Project and Chevrolet has been an honor for Malaika. From distributing OWF’s nearly indestructible futbols in nearby villages in the Kalebuka area to having them support our recent inauguration of our Football for Hope Center, Malaika only sees greater community impact through this innovative partnership.


Coaches Across Continents is an international non-profit that partners with local organizations and uses soccer for social impact. Through their award-winning curriculum, they use sport to educate and combat social issues prevalent in society today. The organization puts a strong emphasis on female empowerment and gender equality. It is through a self-directed learning curriculum that these issues are brought out and dealt with in a beneficial way. Malaika is thrilled to be working with CAC on developing programs for our School and working with coaches on site at the Kalebuka Football For Hope Center through a three-year partnership under CAC’s Hat Trick Initiative.


Aball1 and Malaika work collectively to promote education through recreation. Aball1’s creative approach of combining physical activity, educational learning, and social learning is an ideal Malaika could not be more proud to promote. Through the use of soccer balls printed with letters and numbers, youth become familiarized with spelling, pronunciation, counting, and so much more – all while being physically active. Our youth at both our Football for Hope Center and Malaika School for Girls could not be more excited, as these Aball1 soccer balls continue to help uncover new games and enhance their literacy by the minute!

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