Morgan Ngunjiri Muchemi

Morgan is a 25 year old student of medicine from Nairobi Kenya. He became interested in running from Malaika following years of volunteering in his own community called Akinha. They work with children in their community and their most recent initiative was providing sanitary towels to 400 girls from the slums of Kibera. Morgan’s work, and his goal of becoming a pediatrician, derives from his passion of providing children access to quality healthcare. Morgan is looking forward to running for Malaika in the marathon and to be able to raise money to empower students and their communities in the DRC.

Quote from the Runner: “Seeing children happy and healthy is an important aspect in my life. I am ready to push myself to support Malaika.”



Mussie Kidane

Mussie KIDANE  lives and works in Switzerland with his wife Martine and his two children Lydia (9) and Mathias (7).  He enjoys running and, every time he gets the opportunity, he puts on his running gear and hits the road for what proves to be a privileged moment to reflect on whatever thought was spinning through his head at that time. While he trains regularly, he has not done many certified runs except a couple of 10k runs and two half-marathons so far.  He has been thinking of running a Marathon for a while but the idea of running for a cause is what really propelled him to do it this year for the 10th anniversary of Malaika. He has witnessed as Malaika matured from a typical gist in its early days into a thriving organization that makes real impact on the lives of so many children and their communities. He and Noella are dear friends and he has been with Maliaka since the beginning. He looks forward to supporting the Malaika projects by running in the Berlin Marathon.

You can support Mussie and our sports enthusiasts in the DRC by donating here

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