Meet Louise

Meet Louise

Louise Mujinga Kisala

Age: 14 years old

I was born in a family of 7 children including 2 boys and 5 girls, and I am the 3rd daughter of my family.

My parents are farmers and sometimes they sell some field produce to support the family.

I have been in Malaika since I was 6 years old and all the years spent in Malaika have allowed me to understand my true role as a girl in my community, today I have a dream to become a Computer scientist because is a career that I like and I know that with this I will be able to boost the development of my community.

At school I like English, computer science, tennis and math.

My favorite color is green because it represents the splendor of nature.

When I grow up, I dream of investing myself in education to help the children of my community reject ignorance and be awake to the speed of the evolution of technology.


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